Assuming all is well you will then be asked questions about the purpose of your treatment and if it is a sports massage you may be asked to perform a number of movements or actions to better understand your problem. A standing posture may be visually recorded.


Following this the treatment will be explained in full and an opportunity will be given to ask any questions. An informed consent form will have to be signed by both therapist and client. After this the therapist will explain the procedure for positioning on the couch to start the massage. The therapist will ask whether they are comfortable in them staying in the room during this process but in cases of working the opposite sex they will leave the room if clothing has to be removed.


The treatment will start and consideration will be given to comfort at all times and the treatments may require verbal feedback throughout to be able to apply the correct treatment to best effect.


After the treatment the client will be left to get ready and then given a review of the treatment, water and aftercare advice on factors which will promote the benefit of the treatment. Payment will then be taken in either cash, cheque or bank transfer.


24 hour cancelation policy– If you cancel within 24 hrs notice 50% of the treatment charge will still have to be paid as treatment room charges have to be covered.

Prior to the massage please


•Refrain from alcohol and drugs 12 hours prior to the massage.

•Refrain from eating big heavy meals 2-3 hours prior to the massage.

•If you are unwell, feeling ill, have a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea or covid symptoms, massage is not advised and will not be able to perform the treatment. Please contact if you are in doubt as soon as possible.

•Ensure you notify the therapist of all medical conditions and medication or changes since the last treatment in the consultation as this may affect the treatment.


Mobile Massage (required space)


If I am coming to your house or office for a massage all I require is a clear space within a warm, quiet room.  Within an office I can use a low back chair or my seated massage couch (similar size to a chair) with enough room to move around it (approximately 1m). If I am visiting your home I require approximately 2m by 3m of space for my couch. I will bring all the materials and equipment I require to create a relaxing environment, including: towels, oils, lotions and music. If you are unsure whether you have enough space then please contact me as I am very adaptive and resourceful, so I am sure we can find an appropriate solution.




Please wear loose clothing that you feel comfortable in. During the massage you will be asked to wear the following:


Swedish/ Hot Stone/ Sports/ Deep Tissue massage: wear shorts/ underwear and bra (ideally rear clasp but sport bra can also work).

Thai foot massage: wear trousers that can be rolled up to your knee or shorts.

Indian head massage: avoid wearing collared tops and jewellery.  


Your modesty is of most importance and will be considered at all times with appropriate towel covering.  For this reason please ensure that you are wearing underwear.  



What to expect

It is really important to make sure you understand what will happen during your treatment so you can relax and gain the most from the therapy.


Each session you will be greeted and made to feel comfortable. You will be asked to complete a consultation form which includes personal details and a questionnaire to screen for common medical problems that are contraindicated by massage.