Types of treatments



Swedish Body Massage

Traditional therapeutic massage of the whole body  focusing on your needs with fluid strokes to rejuvenate or uplift and restore overall well being.  Ideal to unwind and experience a deep relaxation. Sixty minute treatment includes  legs, arms, abdomen, back and neck.

Treatments: 30, 60 or 90 minutes.


Deep Tissue Massage

This concentrates on areas of chronic tension working deep into the muscles with a firmer pressure to manipulate the soft tissue. This will reduce tension, fatigue and keep you able to enjoy day to day activities, hobbies and sports.  

Target specific areas in a 30 minute treatment or the full body in a 60 & 90 minutes.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Stimulating and invigorating deeper treatment to target niggles, injuries or long standing problems to help easy muscular pains, promote flexibility, rebalance muscle imbalances, reduce fatigue and improve function. A variety of techniques are used such as STR, NTM, MET & PNF stretching to meet your assessed individual needs.

Treatments: 30 or 60 minutes.


Pre & Post Event Massage*

A excellent way to prepare the muscles and nervous  system for your event or to drain lactic acid to prevent  muscle soreness and fatigue. Post event massage is most beneficial in the first two hours following the event.

Treatment: 15-30 minutes.


*Can also provide massage therapy at sporting events. I can provide a gazebo, stand and additional therapist if required. Please contact me for more information.    


Indian Head Massage

A holistic seated massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face to unblock natural flowing energy and to centre your chakras, rebalancing your body. This treatment is deeply relaxing and can relieve tension, headaches, improve your overall well being and improve hair and scalp conditions. Performed over your clothing and requires minimal space to perform.

Treatments: 30 minutes.


Thai Foot Massage

A holistic treatment of the feet and lower legs using massage therapy and reflexology pressure points to ease and relax after a long day. Use of traditional Thai massage techniques to unblock the energy flowing through your SEN lines and pressure point stimulation to rebalance and optimise your internal organ functioning.

Treatments: 30 or 60 minutes.


Hot Stone Massage 

Enjoy a therapeutic combination of Swedish and   muscle melting hot basalt stone massage. They are used to heat the tissues by placing  them on the body as well as to massage with, this heat penetrates deep into the muscle increasing the benefits of the Swedish massage enhancing your state of physical and mental relaxation.

Treatments: individual areas 30 & 60 minutes or full body 90 minutes.

An additional surcharge of £5 applies to all durations with hot stone treatments.


Sports Taping

Have a previous injury? Need support? With tape you can aid recovery, give yourself peace of mind, improve performance, reduce swelling or correct posture imbalance. There are a number of tapes (kinesiology, EBA, Zinc Oxide & Cohesive) and taping techniques that can be applied to enhance and allow you to continue to enjoy daily life. As a qualified Rock Doc in the use of Rock Tape kinesiology tape the benefits of this tape can be great for reducing swelling, pain and helping with proprioceptive feedback, an important part of rehabilitation.

5-10 minute application time.


In Office Seated Massage

Seated massage over the clothes within the office environment is a great way to promote the wellbeing and productivity of individuals. This can be tailored to be more relaxing, incorporating elements of an Indian head massage, or more invigorating with a deeper pressure using stretches as a method in releasing deep seated tension within the neck and shoulders.

Treatment: 15 or 30 mins

Rock Tape