Personal training is a method of gaining a tailored, supported, program of supervised training to meet your goals, whether it is health of fitness related.


Whether it is to:

  • Become healthier through physical activity and fitness

  • Lose weight

  • Tone up

  • Improve sports performance

  • Increase muscle mass

  • Stay fit and healthy pre and post natal

  • Rehabilitation from an injury

  • Stress relief and improve well being



Lee provides a personalised friendly service to meet what you want to gain in a sustainable and safe way. His aim is to educate you in the most effective way to achieve what you want and help you build healthy habits, changing your lifestyles to support these training changes. The service goes beyond the contact time in the gym, but he will provide you with advice in forming new eating habits and lifestyle changes that are manageable. Whether this is by monitoring your food intake, exercise or providing prompts and support throughout the process, you will gain more than just an exercise session in the gym. If appropriate he can design a training program specifically for you to help attain your goals which you can do outside of the gym within the environment, time constraints and equipment that best suits you. Training can take place in your own home, the great outdoors or in a private studio gym in Clifton that is only used by personal trainers.


For your free consultation then please contact Lee to discuss your goals and how he can best help you in taking the first steps towards achieving your targets.  


10 reasons why personal training may be more effective for YOU, than joining a gym:


1. Motivation to be pushed- having that external source of motivation so you would able to do what you normally wouldn’t when alone in the gym.

2. Consistency and challenging- each session will be working towards a predetermined goal and all contributing to the overall result. With the consistency over time and appropriate progression to challenge the body results will keep on coming.  

3. Individualised – each session and program takes into account of your situation and personality as an individual and therefore will gain the best from you than an off the shelf alternative.

4. Safety and supervision- ensuring you gain the correct technique with safe progressions in exercises that are effective. To educate you in how and why you are doing what you are doing within the gym.

5. Effective in gaining results- ensure that the right training is done to gain the results in the most effective and efficient way. You don’t hire a mechanic to mo your lawn, yes it will get cut but take longer and probably not a good job.

6. Sports specific – if you are a sports competitor or training for an event you haven’t done before then having a PT can help you prepare, train and improve your performance by looking at aspects you may not have considered before. Whether it is tweaking a current program to gain the maximum benefit or to gradually introduce you into a progressive program, the over result will be an improved sports performance.

7. Accountability – it makes you accountable for your actions, it is harder to make excuses to someone else for not doing your training. You have that commitment not just to yourself but also to your trainer to turn up and try your best.

8. Don’t like gyms – then personal training is a great way to gain your exercise in an environment that suits you, whether that is in the privacy of you own home, outdoors or in a well-equipped private studio gym in Clifton. You don’t have to feel judged or uncomfortable by other commercial gym users.

9. Variety and avoiding boredom- variety is the spice of life and with personal training there are many ways to train towards a specific goal avoiding boredom. Keeping it interesting and fun will mean you maintain it, enjoy it and ultimately gain results faster.

10. Specific illness, injury or condition- gain a professionals advice and guidance in how to train within the boundaries of safety to regain function and performance.



Personal Training