Key benefits to group exercise:

  • Get varied sessions that are fun

  • Time passes quicker if exercising others in a session

  • Make friends and build camaraderie with others- sweat, ache and achieve together

  • More cost effective

  • You can “hide” in the crowd to help reduce any anxiety at the start until you become more confident

  • Take advantage of the great outdoors instead of a sweaty gym

  • Gain sessions designed for all abilities and ages with progressions ensuring safety


Sessions are typically 1 hour long* and are about enjoyment and fun whilst gaining the benefits from exercise. There will be warm up games and dynamic stretching making sure you stay moving and don’t get cold. The main session will combine a variety of exercise modes to ensure everyone can take part of all abilities, ages, male and female. This could be body weight, resistant band, or weighed exercises in a circuit or relay format, interval training, partner races and relays, boxing, high intensity intervals such as Tabata training, core exercises and games. Following the main session there would be a cool down including stretching to promote recovery and flexibility. At all times the session are at your own pace and progressions and regressions can be given to make the exercises easier or harder depending on your ability.  

Currently there are no sessions running on a regular basis but if you have 6 or more friends that are keen to do some private group sessions at £10 per person then I can accommodate that also.  Please contact Lee with any questions or enquiries regarding group exercise.


*private group sessions of 6 people and more could be shorter if required, either 30 or 45 minutes and this will change the content and intensity of the sessions.


Fancy exercising within a group? Don’t like the gym or exercising alone? Then joining outdoor exercise sessions are a great way to meet new people and to get in shape at the same time. Normally held on the Clifton Downs, Bristol, the sessions are a great way to gain fun from your fitness.


Group Exercise