Whether you are looking as an individual or a team to improve your performance, be it at a recreational, amateur or professional level, the service is based on education of the athlete, creating a well-balanced, efficient athlete. If you can educate the individual then they will take ownership of their own development and understand the reasoning behind the exercises leading to a greater motivation and overall positive results. Ensuring the program is correct for them as an individual, working in sync with all the other aspects of their training, work and lifestyle, is a vital part too.


Over all my philosophy to athlete conditioning is to make performers more robust and balanced so they don’t have any weaknesses. Therefore they can function more efficiently and then can continue to achieve even greater gains in performance.


Some of the adaptations of a specific strength and conditioning program for athletes are:  

  • Increase in strength (relative and absolute)

  • Improved balance

  • Improved co-ordination and reaction time

  • Increase in muscle mass

  • Reduction in body fat

  • Improved cardio vascular fitness (both aerobic and anaerobic)

  • Improvement in agility

  • Increase in speed (running and individual body segments)

  • Improved flexibility


These adaptations lead to the main benefits to training specifically for sport:

  • An increase in overall athletic performance

  • Improved posture, joint support and joint alignment

  • Enhanced bone mineral density

  • Reduced risk of injury from competition and training

  • Increased physical appearance/weight

  • Increased mood and confidence


Through the process of a needs analysis of the sport, performer/s movement screening and outcome goals a program can be devised to take into account all these aspects. Building a strong base is of importance, such as technique and efficiency in movement. This is incorporated throughout all sessions as part of the warm up and main component. Whether training an individual, small group or a team the most effective coaching techniques and approaches will be used to gain the most from the sessions.


Training can be taken inside or outside at either Oakfields PT, your own training or team facilities or on the Clifton Downs. Previously Lee has devised and implemented the conditioning program for the sports academies at Petroc College in North Devon covering athletes competing in football, rugby, netball, volleyball and basketball. He has also completed the pre-season conditioning at amateur rugby (Bideford RFC) and football (South Molton FC) clubs as well as spent time working with Birmingham University Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

Though his own sporting pursuits in skiing, volleyball, rugby, cycling, triathlon and currently running (road, trail  up to ultra distances), Lee understands the importance of conditioning for sports and its potential benefits in increasing performance and prolonging participation.


Any questions regarding how a sports specific program may benefit you or enquiries regarding team conditioning for sports them please contact Lee.

Athlete Conditioning