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"Lee came in to the office for the day after a very busy week for the team and wow, what a difference he made to how everyone felt. Professional, knowledgeable and along with the massage, we all were given great advice about stretching and exercises we can do at our desks. This was a brilliant investment for the team and we’ll definitely be doing it again – I’d highly recommend him." Gemma McGrattan, Director of Synergy Creative, September 2016.



"I first met Lee 15 months ago when I visited Oakfields Personal Training to discuss creating a weight loss program. I now see him for an hour a week and he can take a lot of the credit for the results I have achieved. From the outset, he worked around my abilities and physical limitations. As I have lost weight and improved my fitness and flexibility, he has altered my program to ensure I maintain the same level of exertion during our sessions. He mixes each session up, so I never know what he is going to ask of me and he blends cardio with stretches and core and resistance work, which ensures no one part of me is overworked in a session. Lee clearly takes a very professional approach to his job as a Personal Trainer, though this is balanced with a friendly, warm and supportive exterior. He takes time between sessions to plan my schedule and is on hand throughout the week to answer any questions or to offer up support."  Tom, August 2016.



"My back is honestly miles better, I felt really tired yesterday afterwards but woke up today feeling fantastic!! I will be back, thanks for your help!" - Anona, November 2015.


"It is feeling a lot better today (after a sports massage the day before). I don't have any pain in my neck at the moment which is amazing. Thank you so much" - Ruth, November 2015.


"Despite my stories of sporting prowess to my children, they were becoming all the more unbelievable by my body shape, fitness levels and niggling back pain. Combine that with a job that was increasingly restricting my exercise opportunities and some awkward holiday photos on the beach it was clearly time to take action.

I approached Lee Weston / Oakfields with a remit of wanting to lose weight, be fitter, have more energy, change my eating habits and untick many of the boxes for a heart attack. Oh and being able to run around in the garden or on the beach a little more thus making those stories more believable.

Lee totally understood my needs of mixing training inside and out to make sure I got lots of fresh air (and odd bit of rain built in). The programme was one that had me hooked in from the start tapping into my psyche and letting me see how I was achieving and working towards my goals within a couple of sessions. Within weeks everyone was commenting on how much better I looked. But no one could sum up how I felt. I was feeling great!

Due to Lee's careful planning, strength and conditioning exercises and understanding of knowing when to push me, not once has the back played up. In fact it has never felt stronger.

The benefits? I am much lighter (over 2 stone and counting), fitter, have lots more energy, sleep much better, more flexible have different eating habits (without being a food bore - there is nothing worse especially when a pie and pint and just so good!) and generally feel much more up for it.

I recommend Lee without hesitation. He is a genuinely motivational in what he does (without being all 'whoop whoop' about it) and has transformed me and put me on a sustainable pathway to a better place.

Only one thing left. For my children to believe those stories!" - Jim, June 2015.


“I had a really great massage with Lee a couple of weeks ago. Due to spending hours a day sat at a desk in work as well as regular distance running, I constantly complain of pain and tension in my back, and Lee was great at targeting the problem areas. He was also brilliant at judging the pressure he needed to use in order to ensure that it was both relaxing and beneficial for relieving the pain. My back has felt so much better since!” - Clare, February 2015.


"Finding an excellent personal trainer is not easy." - Nneka, January 2015.


"Top massage a few weeks ago with Lee. Sorted those knots out and even text to check how I was the following day and to remind me to do my stretches. Cheers Lee." - Kaylee, October 2014.


"Amazing massage at Somersault Festival Lee, thanks a million!" -  Kate, July 2014.


"The combination of an old sporting injury and very hectic job has meant that I get persistent back ache. I decided to treat myself to a relaxing massage and heard about Lee Weston through a colleague. He was recommended as being a highly professional and qualified massage therapist therefore I booked a one hour session. I can truly say it was the most relaxing and calming massage I have ever received. I felt the benefits for days afterwards and continue to return for regular massages to keep me feeling supple." - Serena, July 2014.


Comments from clients when I was working with Massage Me in the French Alps for the 2013-2014 winter season:


"Seriously the best massage I have had Lee."


"Fantastic treatment. Helped me relax and to get through the weeks skiing."


"A very skilled therapist who was able to focus and adapt to my needs. I get locked shoulders and he manipulated them with great skill. I have had many treatments so I recognise an excellent practitioner and lee was one."


"Lee was fantastic. He listened to me as I talked about my problem areas, and was attentive to the amount of pressure he applied, applying more or less as needed."


"Took great care to ensure that I was comfortable and happy with how the treatment was going."


"It was one of the best massages I've ever had!"




“After suffering with a damaged knee and many trips to the physio, with strapping and laser treatments I was still getting nowhere. After just two deep tissue massages with Lee my knee had improved hugely, more so than after any other treatment and I was able to take part in the triathlon that my sports physio had advised me not to do!

Great massage therapist, great personal trainer and a great person. I would recommend him every time.” – Heidi, September 2013.


"I had a massage treatment at my home from Lee and with having a knee replacement I was weary but had accumulated a great deal of muscular tension as a result. I was put at ease and discussed the treatment with him before we started. It was a great specific treatment to suit what I required. It was great to have a treatment in my own house too. He brought everything you would find in a treatment room." - Martin, August 2013.  


"I started with Lee's boot camp sessions and then one to one training to which I found incredibly beneficial. Coming from someone who isn't 'that keen' on sport, but wanted to get fit I genuinely enjoyed this type of exercise. Lee is very motivational and encouraging which empowered me to go to every session and give it my all. After a couple of weeks I could feel myself improving and becoming more confident with exercise and within myself. I then realised that Lee was trained in massage-much to my delight!

Before I started exercising I had always had a tight shoulder/neck and Lee explained to me what exercises I could do to help (which turned out to be the same advice as my osteopath) and also gave me deep tissue massages which really benefitted me. I also took advantage of the best Indian head massage (which helps to eliminate migraines!!) and hot stone massage (which is just utter bliss). Lee was very professional and made me feel at ease through all my training and treatments. Highly recommend for anyone who is a beginner or an athlete!" - Lauren, January 2012.


"I had Lee design a training plan and nutrition advice leading up to a half marathon. I was very pleased with what he provided me and how well I improved with his help. I also have had Lee's help with taping of my knee and a shoulder injury, both from playing rugby. Lee's group "boot camp" style exercises are great fun! An all round excellent professional service with lots of enthusiam." - Paul, May 2009.